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Privacy and Ts&Cs

Dear customer,
We would like to inform you that KELTON srl, would collect and treat your personal data in compliance with Law Decree no. 196/03 (Personal Data Protection Act).

Purpose of data treatment - sending mailing lists; - sending information and promotional material on new products and/or company services
Methods of data treatment and data requirements All data are stored in the server of the company responsible for data treatment. Such data shall be used for specific, explicit and legal purposes and shall be lawfully and properly collected and treated.
Any civil and criminal liability due to false, fraudulent information, which has not been provided in good faith or in any case is untrue, shall be considered full responsibility of the person who provided it and KELTON srl will decline any responsibility thereof.
The collected personal data may be disclosed to third parties (companies and/or individuals) who are performing activities related and instrumental to the provision of services by KELTON srl.

Security obligations.
In order to minimize risks, all personal data being treated are stored and monitored using suitable and preventive security measures to prevent data from being destroyed, accessed by unauthorized people, treated without prior consent or used infringing the purposes of their collection.

Rights of the interested party 
 The interested party may, at any time, access his/her own data and request amendments, integration or even cancellation thereof. In order to exercise the above-mentioned rights and to access the updated list of people responsible of data treatment, the interested party may contact the following address:
via Monti Sila, 7 - 63813 Monte Urano
(FM), Italy
VAT no 01380420446